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Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. In urban area, géoradar TESMEC allows to detect existing network.

Underground networks detection is too often the bottleneck on current FTTH microtrenching deployment. The Georadar is the solution to fasten FTTH deployment, while reducing deployment cost per meter and public disruption.


Without Georadar 2.0 from Tesmec :


  • Potholes need to be made at locations designated by local authorities then authorities need to check them before any work can start.

  • Highly time and OPEX consuming process.

  • Very disrupting process to the general public.

With Georadar 2.0 from Tesmec :

  • No holes, quick, fast and accurate detection on site.

  • Google map pre-mapping.

Why using a GPR?

Today, there are 300 major buried facility accidents each day only in the U.S.!

GPR Advantages:

GPR helps you in designing a saw cut path that avoid existing underground infrastructure and keeps you away from the electrical and other strike hazards. Utilizing GPR reduces risks and costs, and promotes a safe work environment by providing non-destructive testing for locating materials.

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