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Marais Laying Technologies Australia and New Zealand is part of leading French engineering company. For more than 50 years, Marais Group has sought to innovate and provide intelligent, rapid and clean solutions for mechanised installation of networks. Today, we provide industry leadership across all markets in which we operate.

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Our history

Marais's group was founded in 1962 in France Jacques Marais who filed a patent for a trenching wheel designed to install agricultural drains - the starting point of the Marais Wheel.

Since then Marais's group has worked consistently to develop installation technologies to speed up and simplify the installation of various kinds of networks. In 1974, when the administration of Postes et Télécommunications decided to place 40,000km of its network underground, Marais adapted its trenchers and technology to create a mechanised installation process to meet new requirements . 

In 1995, Marais is sold to Daniel Rivard and the company is at the center of the telecommunications revolution and establishes itself as the indisputable market leader in mechanised installation processes. New innovative installation processes are developed to enable the deployment of networks even more quickly, economically and cleanly. New patented machines launched over this period, including:

  • CLEANFAST – on a vacuum truck

  • METEOR – for the deployment of optic along motorways

  • URBAGAZ – for the deployment of gas networks in towns

  • SM400 CHAIN TRENCHER – for installing large dimension trenches

  • SIDECUT – for the development of ‘FFTH’ optical fiber networks under footpaths 

Since 2007, Marais expands into new markets abroad, including Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Colombia, Mexico, United States and Canada, which quickly grew to represent 30% of its turnover. ​

Groupe Marais has been trading in Australia since 2009, when it has incorporated the Marais Lucas joint venture. The Marais Lucas JV has successfully completed several significant cable laying projects in Australia and New-Zealand. In 2013 Marais Lucas JV realised its first large scale renewable project in Australia with the Gullen Range wind farm. At the end of 2013, both partners of the Marais Lucas JV decided to terminate their partnership and the company was dissolved on 28 February 2014.


Groupe Marais decided to pursue its successful development in Australasia and incorporated a new company now called Marais Laying Technologies, this company is 100% owned by the Groupe. Since the beginning, more than 1,000,000m of cables have been laid all around Australia and 200,000m of cables have already been installed in New Zealand. Marais’s Australian and New Zealand subsidiaries are involved in many different projects, working with customers from Oil and Gas (Gathering), Wind Farms, Solar Farms, Fibre Optic, Power and Water Infrastructures.

As part of Tesmec Groupe since 2015, Marais has access to all Tesmec equipment, this combination brings the group to the largest high-tech trenching machine fleet around the world.

In 2016, Marais group was the first company to develop and implement its technical solutions and own equipments to lay simultaneously 3 single core MV cables in trefoil position in the trench. Thanks to this avant-garde process Marais Laying has managed to mechanically install very long single core runs in very optimum time, up to 2000m a day. Moving to single core installation also allowed dramatic reduction of the number of joint, avoiding critical risk of joint failure and reduce cost. Today the industry is systematically recommending the installation of single core cable as the reference on large scale wind and solar projects.

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