Our values 

By making your projects a success; we take part in the development of companies, communities and countries’ infrastructures and networks:


Marais Laying Technologies understands that a capable and motivated team is our key asset. We are committed to supporting openness, tolerance and integrity and we take pride in the diversity of our dedicated workforce. To develop a sustainable relationship with our employees, we promote the efficient utilisation of skills and resources. The strategy is to integrate employee expectations and vision with those of the company, promote team work and encourage tolerance.


For every project, every meeting, safety is always the first thing we do. Marais Laying Technologies is committed to maintaining the safety of our people and the safety mindfulness of our entire organisation. Marais’s management systems, leadership and processes deliver projects with genuine dedication to safety and health. Our people take personal responsibility for minimising risk in the workplace:

  • Supply and use of materials and components that comply with current standards and regulation

  • Continuously improving the environmental and OH&S systems on work sites.


This innovative technology in micro-trenching also incorporates environmentally friendly principles:

  • Reduction of excavated materials from the trenches

  • Reduction of pollution levels to the minimum

  • Reduction of dust and rubble residue

  • Reduction in energy use: the mechanical power used to excavate trenches is located on the vehicle. Its value represents less than 50% of the power required for traditional methods.



Continuous improvement of technology and equipment environmental performance is at the heart of our corporate culture. We continuously observe changes in our environment, anticipate future needs and develop and invent new techniques and processes to build tomorrow’s infrastructure. We strive to improve our activities, placing the utmost emphasis on the quality and reliability of our products and services.


Customer success is our motivation. We make every effort to meet the expectations of our customers and we strive to offer the best services to deliver successful projects.


Professionalism is our state of mind. It is known and recognised by our clients who have had confidence in our services for more than 56 years.

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