Sidecut Micro Trencher

Ideal for fibre deployment, bringing fibre to the customer’s door for a fast, clean and safe network installation with minimal disturbance of the environment. Designed for an easy use, this small sized equipment answers every expectation of high output, efficiency and simplicity in any environment.

  • Installing at a shallower depth

  • Les material to be excavated

  • Less new materials imported

  • Quick network deployment process

  • Limited disturbance to residents, traffic

  • No disturbance to pedestrians

  • All components are sound-proofed

  • Increased safety of the job site

  • No damage to road foundations

  • Reduction in building costs

  • Fast execution of the job

  • Trenching in curbs

  • Small sized machine: low and narrow for trenching on sidewalks

  • An output of up to 120ml per hour  

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