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Client: Essential Energy

Location: Charlotte Pass Snow Resort (Australia)

Service: Replacement of 11KvA Supply to Charlotte Pass Snow Resort

Date: December 2023


Charlotte Pass Snow Resort is normally supplied power via two Essential Energy 11 kVA underground cables. In January 2021, contractors building a walkway on behalf of New South Wales (NSW) National Parks damaged both cables whilst working several hundred metres northwest of Charlotte Pass Snow Resort multiple times. Due to the fact that the existing cable route traverses substantial areas of alpine bog that are environmentally sensitive, and would be difficult for construction and maintenance plant to access.

Therefore, Essential Energy proposes to install approximately 3.8km of 2 x new underground conduct located entirely within the reserve of Kosciuszko Road and shoulder of Charlotte Way. The installation will predominantly involve trenching, with two creek crossings being under bored in an effort to minimise potential impacts.

Essential Energy decided to use Marais Laying for their existing knowledge of trenching in hard ground conditions, and extensive knowledge about rock saw.

The principal challenges were the environmental impact as we worked in a national park and the limited time to complete the project before the start of the snow season.


Marais Laying NZ proposed the use of a trenching machine named ST2, and TRS885. One other key solution was the laying box, specially designed for this project to install 2 x 140mm conduct and sand automatically in the trench.



This project prompted us to introduce a new range of cable installation solutions for the Essential Energy team, ultimately boosting productivity.


Utilizing the laying box eliminates the need for employees to work in the trench, while also ensuring the automatic installation of the conduits.

Key facts:

  • 3.8km of trench in rock,

  • 2 creek crossing

Key equipment used : 


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