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Offering expert services 
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Experts in Utility Services laying in New Zealand

Marais Laying NZ is one of the most reliable utility service contractors in New Zealand. Our wide range of machinery allows us to complete various types of utility services laying. Our range of expertise includes:

  • Telecommunications 

  • Fibre optic solutions

  • Power

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Drainage

Fibre optic has a major role to play in New Zealand's telecommunications infrastructure, with the roll out of Fibre-to-the-Home (FttH) and UFB in the country. Installing fibre optic solutions in rural areas is a priority. Working with the New Zealand Government to develop urban telecommunication networks to provide the community with better access to modern technologies, Marais Laying NZ has all the necessary equipment to provide successful installations around the country.

Through our parent company Tesmec, we are pioneers in the telecommunications sector, and more than 50% of our business activity is devoted to telecommunications cable installation and development.​


The unique benefits of micro-trenching technology


Our narrow and shallow trench technology solutions have the lowest impact on the environment when compared to alternative installation techniques. A reduction in transport and disposal costs also has a huge beneficial impact on the environment.

Our machinery is all hooded and soundproofed to ensure reduced dust and noise pollution. 

Other benefits of using Marais Micro Trenchers :

  • Rapid installation rate of up to 600 metres per day, minimising traffic disruption

  • Reduced disturbance to motorists and pedestrians

  • Containment of rubble and dust

  • Backfilling with thermally tested and/or excavated material to ensure strong integration of the trench in the road structure and a long lifespan


micro trenching.JPG

Our capabilities

We manage every aspect of the installation, upgrade and maintenance of your telecoms network from end to end: 

  • Telecoms network solutions

  • Project management

  • Traffic management

  • Directional drilling

  • Planning and surveying

  • Trenching and trenchless services

  • Reinstatement

  • Aggregate and washplant

  • Plant and fleet service


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