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[New case study] - Fibre overlay in Rangatira

Client: Telcospec / Vocus

Location: Rangatira

Service:  Replacement of fibre along SH1

Date started: February 2024

Date completed: May 2024



After the last cyclones that hit New Zealand in 2023, some of the fibre optic cables were damaged and temporarily repaired. Following this situation, Vocus decided to install new fibre optic cables in parallel with their existing ones to replace the damaged ones.


Marais Laying NZ proposed the use of the trenching machine ST2 to install the new subduct alongside the existing fibre optic cables.


This project prompted us to introduce a new range of cable installation solutions for the Essential Energy team, ultimately boosting productivity.

Utilizing the laying box eliminates the need for employees to work in the trench, while also ensuring the automatic installation of the conduits.

Key fact

  • 7km of trench along SH1

  • 1 bridge crossing

Key equipment used:

  • Laying box

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