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Best of 2021

As we gear up for 2022, let’s take a quick look back. Check out the three Linkedin posts that were most liked last year.

29 October 2021 - Proud to be part of the country’s biggest wind farm project

What an exciting project we're preparing ! We launch on Meridian’s Harapaki Wind Farm near Napier in a few weeks. We are already fully mobilized for its success!

8 October 2021 - Bulk excavation : time to work smart, not harder

We're really happy that Marais Laying's new surface miner makes the headline of the latest edition of Q&M.

Tesmec's surface miners is due to arrive in the country in December. The Tesmec 975 EVO offers undeniable advantages :

  • willwide, rear-mounted drum

  • can dig a strip 2.9 metres wide up to 350mm deep

  • cut both vertical walls and square corners

Which surface miner is right for your quarry? Take on our quiz

16 August 2021 - Fibre is on its way to the West Coast!

Marais Laying NZ is currently running a backbone fibre rollout work between Haast and Lake Hawea. Started last September, this project for our client Ventia Pty Ltd is one of our vastest project, with 25 people on site and 3 trenchers.

Distance is not the only feature of this project. Rain, cold weather, difficult grounds conditions and the absence of phone coverage make it a challenging environment.


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