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Ensuring the safety, quality 
and efficiency
of work sites 

Exploring underground to detect existing utilities

Georadar Explorer is a ground probing radar which detects any underground utility before trenching and laying new cables in urban areas.

This system has been developed in order to guarantee the safety of the trenching work sites and to increase the operation speed, avoiding any trouble or losing money in the event of breakdown of existing underground utilities.

The product developed by our parent company Tesmec is an original solution for trenching technology and is complementary to it.

Georadar Explorer has a higher level of reliability compared to the GPR systems currently available on the international market.



Our capabilities

The main Georadar Explorer applications are:

  • Underground utilities detection: metal, plastic, metal concrete, clay pipes, underground cavities and structures

  • New installation planning

  • Inspections for reconstructing pipes and cables networks

  • Subsurface layering and segmentation

  • Non-destructive inspection

  • Pavement evaluation


For further technical information about our product range and customised machines, please contact us.


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