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[New case studies] Fibre installation in Arthur's Pass and Civil construction

We have added 2 new case studies on the website !

Ventia needed to install 5km of new fibre cable in Arthur’s Pass, one of the coldest places in Canterbury during the winter season (sub-zero temperatures). Marais Laying NZ proposed using its experienced team with the help of our specialised machine Sidecut, 2.7 excavator, rock breakers and Class 1 Trucks to trench and install the new cables.

Hydrotech needs to CCTV an Abandoned DN525 cast iron Bulk Watermain at three different locations spread along the pipe alignment. Marais Laying NZ proposed to use its experience team with the help of our 8T and Class 4 Trucks to provide inspection pits (10 meters long * 2 meters wide * 1.8 meter deep) and cut in points to facilitate the bulk water main inspection for Hydrotech technician.


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