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Client: Wellington Electriticy / Weta FX

Location: Wellington

Service: Civil Construction

Date: February 2024


Weta FX needed to upgrade their facility, which necessitated the installation of new 11kV cables.


The project involved running 10 ducts in the same trench, with the need to adjust their position along the trench alignment to accommodate the existing network crossings.

Additionally, there was a strategic fuel line that needed to be crossed, and some contaminated ground was identified on the Weta FX property, leading to changes in the excavation process.


Marais Laying NZ has a track record of completing electrical projects in the Wellington region.


Consequently, Wellington Electricity decided to engage directly with Marais NZ for this new strategic asset deployment.

We utilized our Georadar Explorer 2.0 initially to locate all existing services crossing our trench alignment.


Subsequently, we employed our 8-ton excavator to open the trench due to the number of services present, and the duct was laid manually.


Marais Laying NZ completed this project in 7 weeks without causing damage to any of more than 50 existing services or obstacles encountered during excavation.

Key facts:

  • Georadar Explorer 2.0

  • Install large number of duct in a trench

  • Work with contaminated material

Key equipment used : 

  • Georadar Explorer 2.0

  • 8t excavator