Dynamic Trenching Solutions

Here at Marais Laying we are consistently evolving our processes - and our machines - to ensure that every single job we do is more efficient than the last. From mechanised trenching solutions to cabling infrastructure, our extensive industry experience means you’ll always be getting the very best people for the job. 


Day after day our people demonstrate their leadership in the mechanical pipe and cable laying industry, and with every new challenge, we find more and more ways to improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce costs for our clients. 


With the help of our excellent trenching machines we are able to build more cost effective network infrastructures, quickly and with a focus on safety. Our mechanised laying solutions provide calibrated trenching, consistent depth and width measurements, high installation speeds and a drastic reduction in disturbance at your worksite - and with no people working in the trenches - your guys (and ours) are safer than ever. 


Thanks to the reduced width of the trench you’ll see:

  • Reduction in the use of coating materials

  • Less excavation matter to be removed/backfilled/compacted

  • Less surface repair

  • A cleaner trench shoe with no punctual stresses on the network

Continuous screening of the trench layer means: 

  • You’ll keep the geometrical features of the trench

  • No material falling in while the network is being laid

  • No decompaction of the surrounding environment


The laying quality of the network ensures: 

  • Constant depth, altimetry and planimetry during the laying

  • Constant and controlled stress on the laid network

  • Consistent and regular coating

  • Compliance with the cover

  • Compliance with the admissible bending radius of the network

  • Reduced performance costs

  • The ability to lay multiple networks simultaneously 

  • No staff working in the trench limits the risk of accidents

  • Quick execution

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