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Client: Fulton Hogan - Christchurch airport

Location: Christchurch airport

Service: Lighting installation 

Date: February 2024


Christchurch Airport needs to upgrade its lighting system on the runway and taxiway. When we are working on the taxiway, the main runway needs to be closed. Therefore, we are operating on a very limited timeframe, and we must be prepared to halt work at any time in case a plane (such as a rescue or unexpected aircraft) needs to land or take off.


Following the successful completion of Marais Laying NZ's fiber work at this airport a few years ago, Fulton Hogan has decided to recontact us and utilize Marais Laying NZ technology once again.

We have chosen to use our brand new 400MTC, opening a trench that is 100mm wide and 650mm deep, with one subduct placed at the bottom of the trench. Subsequently, the trench will be backfilled with a special concrete mix designed to reach 50Mpa within a few hours. This allows for the safe reopening of the taxiway before the first plane takes off around 6 am.


Marais Laying NZ completed 18 narrow trenches over the course of three consecutive weekends, working on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Key facts:

  • Narrow trench

  • Work under airport environment.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-03 at 17.40.31_313681cd.jpg


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