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Time to Work Smarter
Not Harder

Of interest to the Kiwi market is Tesmec's surface miners, the
first of which is
due to arrive in the country in December.
The brand is being distributed by Marais Laying NZ, a branch of Tesmec.

The Tesmec 975 EVO has a wide, rear-mounted drum and can dig a strip
2.9 metres wide up to 350mm deep. Because of the wide drum,
it can cut both vertical walls and square corners.

In partnership with 

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Key features

  • No drill and blast

  • No explosives handling

  • Safe operations

  • Increased output of the crushers 

  • Lower energy consumption due to smaller size of input material

  • Reliability and extended life of the equipement 

  • Selective mining : no mix of material from different layers

  • Optimal efficiency and productivity of the surface miners


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Want to know more? 

Contact our sales rep Hamil Pala


Tel: 027 555 1750

Email :

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